Our Lifts

Lifts from the Access Elevator range are simple and cost effective, but quality is not compromised. 

The heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder is made from non-corrodible stainless steel and is made to a length directly proportional to the total floor to floor height.

Our standard Magic Carpet ® platform system uses a handrail mounted on a floor that is buffered from flush & smooth lift well walls by a complete carpet overlay, it moves vertically within those stationary walls. Single-leaf hinged doors can be automatically driven and may be fitted on any face with the option of multiple doors at any landings. The lift well need only be semi-enclosed at the uppermost level.

The same water-hydraulic system drives our Cabin or Car models that use a satin anodised aluminium frame fitted with light-weight fibreglass décor wall panels and a Melteca ceiling fitted with Halogen down lights. Car entrance ways may be fitted with multi-scan monitor beams if required. Cabin models incorporate corner-mounted guides to maximise the car floor area and require the lift well walls to be flush lined only on the faces that incorporate landing doors.

Operation & running costs

Access Elevators lifts are clean and easily operated, they move smoothly & silently. Running costs are minimal.


60 complete cycles use the equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb operating for 1 hour.


Negligible on re-circulating pump systems, otherwise 22 litres/floor.


The leather seal requires replacement when worn or when poor flexibility exists due to age. We are currently replacing seals approximately every 4 years at a cost of around $120 (NZD).
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Our lifts are controlled by momentary-acting push-button switches normally selected from the domestic HPM Excel range (available in designer colours at special request).

Our non-domestic lifts generally use conventional lift control switches from the Dupar range. Magic Carpet® travelling controls are incorporated within the floor-mounted handrail.

The circuit is low voltage with an automatic, battery back-up/mains-charger power supply that allows the lift to descend even in the event of a mains power failure. All doors are electro-mechanically interlocked with emergency opening provisions both inside and outside the lift.

An externally mounted 120 decibel emergency siren and a telephone socket is fitted (phone optional).

Our lifts are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years.

Hydraulic System

The valves or pump can be positioned remote from the lift shaft, but we prefer for these to be located adjacent to the shaft for convenience.

Re-circulating systems require a mains pressure connection to the ballcock (required only to guarantee the necessary reservoir level), but lifts powered by mains pressure water will waste around 22 litres of water per floor as they discharge that water on the down stroke


The Magic Carpet® lift well is normally formed by your builder to close tolerances. It can be likened to a tall cupboard, lined with a smooth and resilient material and fitted with standard interior doors in specialised jambs.

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