Magic Carpet® Platform Lift, DOMESTIC (options & commercial types available)

Code Compliance

NZBC D2, Alternative Solution. We have installed more than 1300 units since 1978.

Compliance History via

LlFTeye Consultants, Christchurch. Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certification Ltd, Auckland. G. Rundle, Consulting Engineer, Tauranga

Contract Load

300Kg or 750Kg. Nominal ascent time (3 person) in seconds/floor, varies according to pump: SM9: 27 seconds. SM11: 21 seconds. ID21: 18 seconds. SP100: 16 seconds. ID28: 14 seconds.


Direct acting water hydraulic ram body, 316 stainless steel (normally base supported). Ram spear: hot dipped galvanised or stainless steel. Pipe rupture down speed limiting achieved by ram feed entry aperture restriction.


Required only for unstable ground conditions. Ram normally installed & backfilled with sand


SM Series: 1.1Kw submersible pump (850mm tall) in polythene reservoir, 450x450x600 high. ID21 or SB17: 1.1Kw submersible pump (1.3m tall) in polythene reservoir, 500mm dia x 1.4m. ID28: 1.5Kw submersible pump (1.6m tall) in polythene reservoir, 500mm dia x 1.7m high. Optional (on council approval): Direct mains pressure water supply (min. 80psi, 20mm dia,)


Rugged, relay based, low voltage with battery backup descent facility. PLC controller optional. Push button (one touch latching) control, HPM Excel Series, designer colours available. LED indicators to show travelling direction and Location if stopped at any landing. Electro-mechanical interlocking with tamper-proof monitor contacts. Audible signal to indicate door in unlock mode. Audible arrival signal optional. 120dB external emergency alarm. Telephone: optional extra. (24hr alarm/phone monitoring is a mandatory requirement for non-domestic lifts)

Lift Shaft

Recommended: min. 930mm, max, 1.4m. Any shape. Other sizes by consultation. NO LIFT CAR: Framed nominally 20mm larger than the required lift floor size. Lift shaft interior linings must be smooth and resilient with no protrusions or cavities. Standard ceiling heights acceptable for Magic Carpet® platform lift system. (no car) Allow for venting of shaft below lower floor level and above upper floor level. Lift well (shaft) by others to be lined internally after installation of our wiring looms.

Lift Pit

Provide 400mm deep pit with passive drain or sump pump. Power & lighting by others.


To be supplied & installed by others, automatic control optional.

Landing Doors

Single Leaf, hinged, standard manually operated, to be supplied & installed by others. Door face to shaft interior must be rendered flush to Lift Lining. We supply special flush stainless steel handles for the interior only of the Lift doors.

Machinery Space

Dedicated use preferable, the access door should be lockable but without preventing egress from the space. The pump is typically located under a stair, in a cupboard, in the garage, or exterior to the dwelling (refer to pump details for dimensions). Supply 10 Amp single phase power, mains water feed & waste facility plus a straight minimum 80mm PVC conduit to the lift pit wall. The conduit will allow some venting.

Work by others

Form lift pit, lift well, and machinery space; framed, lined & finished. We recommend you vent all areas. Supply and fit landing doors and machinery space door & hardware. Supply sump pump depression and/or pit drain facility. Supply telephone cable to pit.

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